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Chance Films provides the tools and creativity to produce powerful documentaries for

  • Broadcast
  • Public forums
  • Fundraising
  • Educational use

The award-winning team chooses to take a socially active role through film, striving to promote understanding and real change in a tumultuous and unpredictable world. Road to Return, narrated by Tim Robbins, which aired on PBS, was presented to the United States Congress, prompting a bill authorizing 6 million dollars for prison aftercare. Juvies, narrated by Mark Wahlberg and shown on HBO, toured the world as one of the top ten “Human Rights Watch” films of 2005. Juvies also screened at the United Nations, encouraging the first ever conference on juvenile justice. Her latest film, Unlikely Friends, narrated by Mike Farrell, continues her passion to invite audiences to think creatively when addressing the problems of the criminal justice system that ultimately impact us all.


Leslie Neale

Leslie Neale, and her films are recognized for their impact on social justice.