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The Medical Mission Sisters of the West share a concern for suffering and a longing for justice. Founder Anna Dengel, a medical doctor from Austria who started the Community in Washington, DC in 1925, was herself a courageous, determined woman and a pioneer. When she learned that women and children were dying in North India in the early 1900s because their customs kept them from healthcare given by men, she had to respond.

A Healing Presence shows how the sister’s mission continues to adapt to the different needs of a new century, empowering the poor, the hungry, the sick, toward wholeness with their love and companionship.

“It is the dawn of a new day bringing with it great demands, and opportunities, possibilities, social problems and dangers…But you know, we have only one life, and we must make the most of it.” ~ Anna Dengel


Leslie Neale

Leslie Neale, and her films are recognized for their impact on social justice.