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Only 60 years old, gospel is a tradition of singing, preaching and shouting sprung out of African American roots and the church. Rhythm of the Heart, a one-hour documentary on gospel music, for Wisdom Television and Winstar TV & Video, is an inspirational and joyous celebration of contemporary gospel music and the people who are bringing it into the mainstream, such as The Campbell Brothers, Jon Gibson, Willie Eason, Shirley Jackson and Albertina Walker, among others.

The documentary shows these “gospel warriors,” who have journeyed with triumphs and trials in order to dedicate their lives to singing the praises of the Lord. Interviewer and host, Chantal Westerman, takes the audience backstage to get to know these inspirational artists. The importance of gospel music’s influence and its current popularity cannot be underestimated.


Leslie Neale

Leslie Neale, and her films are recognized for their impact on social justice.