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Current national recidivism rates are between 62% and 69% – which means 62 to 69 out of every 100 inmates released back into society will commit another crime, or get caught up on a parole violation and end up back in prison. This costs our society millions of dollars per year – and it can be avoided.Ironwood is a 6-minute piece highlighting the Palo Verde Community College graduation ceremony of a group of inmates at Ironwood State Prison in June of 2003.

Taxpayers do not carry the burden of this program – it is a service of Palo Verde Community College – and carries with it a great benefit to those same taxpayers, whether they know it or not. Education is one of the top deterrents to recidivism. Education gives hope for another way to the inmate, to their family and to those who would become victims.

Ironwood is being used to promote the program’s replication in other prisons throughout the State of California.


Leslie Neale

Leslie Neale, and her films are recognized for their impact on social justice.